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Name of University


North Taiwan

Keelung City
National Taiwan Ocean University http://www.ntou.edu.tw
Taipei City
National Chengchi University http://www.nccu.edu.tw
National Defense Medical Center http://www.ndmctsgh.edu.tw
National Taipei University of Business http://www.ntub.edu.tw
National Taipei University of Education http://www.ntue.edu.tw
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences http://www.ntunhs.edu.tw
National Taipei University of Technology http://www.ntut.edu.tw
National Taiwan College of Performing Arts http://www.tcpa.edu.tw
National Taiwan Normal University http://www.ntnu.edu.tw
National Taiwan University http://www.ntu.edu.tw
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology http://www.ntust.edu.tw
National Yang-Ming University http://www.ym.edu.tw
Taipei National University of the Arts http://www.tuna.edu.tw
University of Taipei http://www.utaipei.edu.tw
New Taipei City
National Open University http://www.nou.edu.tw
National Taipei University http://www.ntpu.edu.tw
National Taiwan University of Arts http://www.ntua.edu.tw
Taoyuan City
National Central University http:// www.ncu.edu.tw
National Taiwan Sport University http://www.ntsu.edu.tw
Hsinchu City
National Chiao Tung University http://www.nctu.edu.tw
National Hsinchu University of Education http://www.nhcue.edu.tw
National Tsing Hua University http://www.nthu.edu.tw
National Ilan University http://www.niu.edu.tw

Central Taiwan

Miaoli County
National United University http://www.nuu.edu.tw
Taichung City
National Chin-Yi University of Technology http://www.ncut.edu.tw
National Chung Hsing University http://www.nchu.edu.tw
National Taichung Institute of Technology http://www.nutc.edu.tw
National Taichung University http://www.ntcu.edu.tw
National Taiwan College of Physical Education http://www.ntupes.edu.tw
Changhua County
National Changhua University of Education http://www.ncue.edu.tw
Nantou County
National Chi Nan University http://www.ncnu.edu.tw
Yunlin County
National Formosa University http://www.nfu.edu.tw
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology http://www.yuntech.edu.tw

South Taiwan

Chiayi City
National Chiayi University http://www.ncyu.edu.tw
Chiayi County
National Chung Cheng University http://www.ccu.edu.tw
Tainan City
National Cheng Kung University http://www.ncku.edu.tw
National University of Tainan http://www.nutn.edu.tw
Tainan National University of the Arts http://www.tnnua.edu.tw
Kaohsiung City
Air Force Institute of Technology http://www.afats.khc.edu.tw
National Kaohsiung Normal University http://www.nknu.edu.tw
National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism http://www.nkuht.edu.tw
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology https://www.nkust.edu.tw
National Sun Yat-sen University http://www.nsysu.edu.tw
National University of Kaohsiung http://www.nuk.edu.tw
Open University of Kaohsiung http://www.ouk.edu.tw
R.O.C Military Academy http://www.cma.edu.tw
Pingtung County
National Pingtung University http://www.nptu.edu.tw
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology http://www.npust.edu.tw

East Taiwan

Hualien county
National Dong Hwa University http:// www.ndhu.edu.tw
Taitung County
National Taitung University http://www.nttu.edu.tw

Offshore Islands

Penghu County
National Penghu University of Science and Technology http://www.npu.edu.tw
Kinmen County
National Quemoy University http://www.nqu.edu.tw
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